Live Pest Free

Get Ready For BBQ Season

  • Includes food and pheromone attractants
  • Fashion Design
  • Catches multiple species (house flies, blow flies, stable flies)
  • Easy to Use
  • Window to view captured insects
  • Ships flat with pop open design
Outdoor Living

Be Invisible to Insects With Citronella Plus

Bugables ® work by emitting an 'aura' of all natural, plant-based essential oils. This scent masks the odors humans emit that attract insects effectively making "you" smell like a plant and invisible to insects.
Outdoor Living

Enjoy Up To 72 Mosquito Free Hours

PIC Mosquito Repellent Diffusers Are scientifically tested and proven To repel Mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects...NATURALLY!
Outdoor Living

Mosquito Free Enjoyment With Citronella Plus

  • All Natural Oils
  • U.S. Laboratory Tested
  • Helps Repel Mosquitoes For Up TO 200 Hours
  • Twist It Around Anything
Outdoor Living

Fear Bugs No More

Bugables® work by emitting an 'aura'of all natural, plant---based essential oils. This scent masks the odors humans emit that attracts insects effectively making "you" smell like a plant and invisible to insects.
The repellent is formulated with 100% Natural Oils. (Lemongrass, Geranial & Citronella)
Outdoor Living

Take Pleasure In True
Outdoor Living

Enjoy a picnic, entertain on the patio, or just have fun in your backyard without the presence of irritating mosquitoes.
PIC® Mosquito Coils protects an area of up to 10 ft. x 10 ft. from mosquitoes.

Rid Yourself of Pesky Pests

PIC Ant Killing Systems contain a highly attractant bait that ants love to eat. Place baits by ant trails or close to areas where ants are present. The bait food is then carried back to the nest to kill the queen and destroy the entire colony.
Take Back Your Space

Drive Roaches Away

Using PIC Roach Control Systems will eliminate roaches that cause asthma. Keep your home roach free and lead a healthier, cleaner life.
Reclaim Your Garden

Get Rid of Nasty Garden Insects

PIC, Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap attracts and traps Yellow Jackets and Wasps. Use the trap in spring to catch yellow jacket queens and to reduce the overall population before it grows. In the summer and fall, put out more traps to catch the workers foraging for sugars. With its patented "hive" design, the trap easily blends into your outdoor living space.
Healthy Living

Maintain A Healthy Place To Live

Go Green. PIC Sonic Rodent Repeller repels Mice and Rats humanely. Mice and Rats are the most common indoor Rodent Pest Problem encountered by consumers worldwide. Costs pennies a day to operate. No traps, no poisons.

Our Promise...

For over 57 years, PIC has been helping families solve their pest problems inside and outside of their homes'.

We are dedicated to enhancing your life, through providing a healthier and more enjoyable, Pest Free Living experience. It is our intention to make our solutions available at prices everyone can afford.