Effective Indoor/Outdoor Solutions
PIC Ant Control Systems are highly effective and easy to use. Kills: Sweet & Grease
eating ants, Pavement ants, Oderous ants and Little Black ants.
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PIC’s personal and area repellents are proven to be extremely effective in repelling
mosquitoes, gnats and other flying pests.
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EPA Registered/Effective
Quick Acting Formula
Roaches pose a variety of health risks, from asthma causing antigens to disease
causing germs. PIC offers a variety of effective, non aerosol solutions designed to
keep your home healthy and roach free.
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From Glue Traps to Wood Traps, Reusable or Single Use, Catch & Release or
Sonic Repellers, PIC offers a variety of options without utilizing dangerous
poisons or chemicals.
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Flying Insects

Simple, safe and effective, PIC’s line of flying insect control provides effective
solutions for ridding your home/yard/garage/barn of a wide variety of flying pests.
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